Tips to avoid probate in fort myers florida

Avoid Probate Fort Myers

What Is Probate and How Can You Avoid It? In simple terms… …probate is the legal process for distributing your property after you die. Your estate executor or the attorney representing your estate typically initiates probate. During this process, a probate court validates your will and then authorizes your executor to distribute your estate to … Continued

Credit Card Debt is Rebounding Sharply

Credit card debt is rebounding sharply!  Do we need another recession to restart credit?  That’s the question that is being posed.  Americans are taking on more and more household debt and because of this phenomenon, credit card debt is rebounding sharply. One of the best ways to eliminate debt quickly is to offload distressed assets … Continued

Americans are Drowning in Debt!

Americans are drowning in debt!  Credit cards, student loans, car payments, and revolving debt is absolutely devastating the middle class! So, if Americans are drowning in debt, is there a solution? There could be!  Do you have a problem property that you are looking to get rid of fast?  Selling to a cash investor could be … Continued