Selling Your Home in Fort Myers? Helpful Guidelines for Attractive Staging

Selling your home in Fort Myers will require you to prepare the residential property for potential buyers. You need to show off the potential of the house by staging the property, which can allow buyers to envision themselves living in the space. Here are a few guidelines to follow for staging the house for potential buyers.

Remove Clutter

Maid Brigade encourages, “having clutter that’s present in the home is an eyesore and will turn buyers away from the property. Not only will the clutter be distracting, but it can prevent the house from feeling inviting. Toss out paperwork on the kitchen counter or DVDs stacked in the living room to create a more spacious and appealing environment.” Avoid stuffing everything into cabinets or closets where buyers will likely inspect.

Illuminate the Home

Allow plenty of light in each room to create a well-lit and uplifting setting that looks inviting to potential buyers. Dim rooms with a lack of light can appear depressing and neglected, so make sure to open up the blinds and turn on plenty of lights when you’re showing the home.

Don’t Be Too Personal

Help your potential buyers see themselves living inside the space presented by removing personalized items that are on display. You can get away with a few personal touches that are present, but it’s important to create a blank canvas for visitors. All Storage Online recommends, “remove personal items like family photographs, personal trophies, and other items that are specific to you and your family. While these items and decorations may bring meaning to you, they will not help sell your home. It may be helpful to put these in an unused room, or if you’re worried about potential buyers seeing those rooms, you could find a place outside your home to keep those things.”

Work on the Curb Appeal

Houzz explains, “the curb appeal of your house is part of the staging process and should include mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, planting flowers, and power washing the exterior siding.” You may also want to add a new doormat, address numbers, and a mailbox to make the property appear maintained and in excellent condition.

Staging your home will create a contemporary and attractive setting that makes it easier to sell it faster once it’s on the market. Knowing what will appeal to buyers is crucial and will influence the changes that are made to the setting.

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