Florida Home Improvements That Save You Money on Utilities

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Every month, the utility bill comes in and it can seem like it is getting higher and higher. If this is the case for you, it might be time to take your money into your own hands with the following Florida home improvements. Whether you are flipping a house for resale or renovating your own home, there are plenty of purchases you can make to save money down the road.

Maintaining a Gas-Powered Water Heater

Without getting a brand-new water heater, there are several modifications you can make to save your money.  Older models of gas-powered water heaters and any exposed pipes that are close by can be wrapped with an insulation blanket. The blanket helps keep the heat in the tank and lowers the utility cost. Another option is to lower the tank’s original temperature, which is set much higher than what is recommended. The heater also requires some maintenance like removing the built-up sediment, which blocks the heater from working efficiently.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great option to save money on your energy bill because once they are paid off, the sun powers your home instead of the electricity company. Depending on where you live and how much sun exposure your home gets, you can save on average $35,000 over the lifetime of your home. With the money saved compared to the average installation cost of $18,000, solar panels more than pay for themselves. Even if you do not live somewhere where the sun shines all day, solar panels store energy that can be used later. This means that you keep the energy you did not use. Additionally, one of the benefits of solar energy storage is that you have greater independence from the power grid.

Make Simple Swaps

Some changes to save money are a bigger commitment than you might be able to afford right now, so consider smaller-scale changes. When you switch your old light bulbs out for LED or CFL bulbs your power bill from lights can change to $55 or $80 a year instead of $360 from standard bulbs. You can also change your habits like turning off light switches and unplugging devices to cut down on unnecessary power waste.

Regardless of who you are or what your income is, anyone can benefit from money-saving Florida home improvements. Large projects and small changes can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. And if you decide to sell your home, these changes will enable you to sell for a higher price than before.

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