How to Prepare to Sell an Older Home in Florida

Sell an Older Home in Florida by ensuring that you follow the steps outlined in this article

Tips on How You Can Prepare to Sell an Older Home in Florida

Prospective home buyers recognize that an older home has character and charm.

There is also a lot to be said for the construction methods that allowed that home to remain standing for generations.

How to Prepare to Sell an Older Home in FloridaIf you’re the owner of a vintage home, then there might come a time when you want to downsize or move closer to family. That means putting that home on the market.

As with a modern home, there are some proactive measures you should take to prepare to sell your older home.

Bring in More Light

If your home is dark or looks small, a great way to modernize it is to create more sources of natural light.

Natural light is a terrific addition to any room.

The more sunlight that can shine in, the bigger the space will feel. If the windows in your old home need replacement, then you should consider expanding those spaces to bring in even more light.

Adding a skylight to a bathroom, kitchen or attic space is another renovation idea to consider for the goal of bringing in more light.


A house can be old, but look “young” thanks to a new coat of paint. That rule applies to the exterior and the How to Prepare to Sell an Older Home in Florida when it needs a paint job like this oneinterior of a home.

In order to impress young buyers, you’ll want to pick neutral tones for your colors. They don’t all have to be white, but they shouldn’t be bold pastels, either.

Your goal with repainting your home is to freshen it up and make it cleaner looking.

Eliminate Clear Dangers

The one challenge with an older home is the potential for dangers such as asbestos, lead paint, old wiring, and old plumbing. Any of those issues could be a deal-breaker for a lot of prospective buyers.

That is why you want to mitigate those dangers by making targeted repairs and remediation. Homes built before a certain year might use toxic lead paint. Before you repaint over the old paint, you should have it tested for lead contaminants.

The same can be said for the insulation in the attic. In addition to those potential dangers, you should also try to make as many minor repairs that you can.

Go through the entire house checking for windows that are stuck or doors that won’t close properly. The more you can fix before your first open house, the better your presentation will be.

Bottom Line…

Get Inspection Reports!

On some older homes, the “clock” might be running out on things like the roof, foundation, furnace and water heater. All of those elements will be examined as part of the inspection process.

How to Prepare to Sell an Older Home in Florida with a quality inspectionIf you are able to get those things checked out by a certified home inspector, then you can make those reports available to the buyers.

Knowing that the roof or plumbing still has several good years left is a terrific selling feature.

It is much better to know about potential problems before an offer is made. 

There are many features in an old home like wood floors, crown modeling, and mantelpieces that will be considered attractive amenities.

You want to present those all in the best possible light by keeping them thoroughly clean.

Here’s the catch.

A buyer looking at an older home already appreciates the character and value of that kind of property. You just have to make it easy for them to commit to the purchase.

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