Keeping a Clean and Loving Home for Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home

Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home have many options to keep it clean and loving and with this article we go into how they can keep it clean nice and loving
Your home has love and memories in it. Make it special for the next family with these tips.

Keeping a Clean and Loving Home for Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home

A Guide for Busy Parents to Keeping a Clean and Loving Home When Selling

by: Kristin Louis from Parenting With Kris

Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home kissing their baby

In a perfect world, selling your home would involve simply listing the property and waiting for a buyer.

Yet, to attract buyers, you must be prepared at all times and keep your house immaculate for showings.

If you’re a busy parent, this may sound daunting, but it can be done with the right approach.

Here’s where you get started.

Plan Ahead

Ask yourself what you might need while you set up your home for showings.

Of course, this is an unpredictable process, and you may have surprise showings, but this is all the more reason to be prepared in advance. For instance, focus on stocking up household goods that can aid cleaning, and number your inventory so you don’t run out.

A well-designed system can help your home stay clean, and balance responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed.

This is probably the toughest part.

Be Open

Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home showing off the paint on their childs handsMoving is not easy for adults, but it can be emotionally exhausting and scary for children.

They may not understand why you’re moving, so encourage them to open up, and ask them what might be done to ease their worries.

Explain why you’re moving and avoid trivializing their concerns.

Instead, do what you can to address their anxieties, such as reassuring them that they will make new friends and still hold onto old ones.

For viewings, keep them occupied with fun activities, anything that might bring joy and take their mind off things.

This can be a stressful time for everyone, and a distraction or two may also benefit your family.

That’s not all.


In order to get your home show-ready, you’ll need to declutter.Parents Selling a Cape Coral Home should declutter and clean the house before they sell it

This will involve hiding or putting into storage personal items, such as photographs, extra bedding, knickknacks, or collections.

Don’t overlook your home’s storage, either, as storage space will be appealing to buyers.

Identify any extra items that impact storage space or obscure your property’s spaciousness, and consider whether you want to donate, sell, or throw them away.

Thankfully, you can dispose of items effortlessly by renting your own dumpster or delegating the task of taking unwanted stuff to a junk-removal service.


Use Your Time

Time is finite, especially as a parent, but there are moments that you can use.

For instance, by multitasking, you could combine chores, such as doing the dishes while you cook.

This can counter the stress that comes with a sink full of pots and pans, when all you want to do is relax.

In fact, there are moments we can use, like during television commercials or while we wait on our kids to get dressed, to micro clean.

You would be surprised by what you can get done during these opportunities, from doing laundry to wiping down surfaces.

 Bottom Line…

Stay Vigilant!

Each showing has the potential to be the one that results in a sale.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your home presentable and treat last-minute viewings as importantly as any other.

By regularly cleaning, you can ease the pressure to prepare your home.

That can allow you to focus on quickly tidying up by collecting toys and other items into tote bags.

Once that’s done, make sure there aren’t any lingering odors and deal with them directly or mask them using a subtle fragrance or diffuser.

Lastly, take advantage of natural light by opening up blinds as a final touch.

The best part?

This is a pivotal moment in your family’s life. It’s the start of a new chapter, but it will take preparation and planning to move forward.

While it will be difficult saying goodbye to familiar surrounds, a successful sale will be rewarding.

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